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Best Movie Hug....

By Krikor K.

Yes it's true!! "Best movie hug" is a new category of awards which is given to the best hugs during movies. The winners of the award were Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet for the hug they gave to each other in the movie "The Titanic" the moment the transoceanic ship hit the iceberg! The 2nd place won the hug of "Baby" (Jennifer Grey) and "Johnny" (Patrick Swayze) at the end of "Dirty Dancing" back in 1987. The 3rd place won the hug Elliot gave to E.T. alien during the film "E.T." by Stiven Spielberg in 1982. 4th voted the hug between Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy in the film "The Bridget Jones diary"... Anyone need a hug???

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