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Interview with Kalomoira!

By Krikor K.
Just a couple of days before the big day of the Greek National Final for Eurovision 2008 (this will happen on 27/2/2008) Kalomoira, one of the sweetest persons around the whole world is giving her interview to "Krik!Music Corner"...

Read the interview and watch photos below :

1. Kalomoira in one single word let us know what exactlly you feel as a candidate for Eurovision 2008 for Greece...
Kalomoira = Well, it's my honor!

2. Have you ever thought of taking part at the Eurovision Song Contest before starting your carreer as a singer in Greece?
Kalomoira = Well, you know... I didn't even know what is Eurovision!! I was living in USA and I had no idea about this contest. But as long as I live in Greece and I saw the Eurovision for the first time in my life in 2004 I loved it and I was always dreaming of taking part in it sometime...And see!! Now I have the chance!!!

3. Kalomoira which is your favourite Greek entry at the Eurovision so far?
Kalomoira = Hmm, definatelly "My Number One" by Helena Paparizou

4. ...and what about your favourite song ever from Eurovision?
Kalomoira = I'd like to say the Serbian 2004 entry "Lane Moje" by Zeljko Joksimovic.

5. Is the idea of some people to compare you to Helena Paparizou making you feel a bit nervous?
Kalomoira = For God saying! Not!!! Of course not!! What's better than comparing me to Helena? That's great!!! (laughs!)

6. In your opinion, the Eurovision Song Contest should be a contest stricktly a song contest or generally a show contest...?
Kalomoira = Well, to be honest, Eurovision is now more than ever a tv show. So, it's not enough for a country to compete with a good song. It's also necessary for an entry to have a good stage performance. So, I would say both (good song and a nice stage performance) are necessary for the contest.

7. Which are Kalomoira's advantages for the Eurovision?
Kalomoira = Definatelly my ease on speaking English, as being a half American, and of course my general stage performance...

8. Shall we imagine you're winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2008? Would you like to do a worldwide career on music?
Kalomoira = Of course!! A victory in the contest is a great chance for the singers to be well known abroad.

9. Nice! Well, what about not winning the 2008 Greek National Final Kalomoira?
Kalomoira = Hmm, I'll be a bit sad for sure. Though it's just for the best! People will judge who's the best of the 3 of us to finally compete for Greece at the Eurovision so I'm gonna respect the each people's final choice. And if I'm not the one who will travel to Belgrade....maybe I'll try again some other time!!!

10. Kalomoira thanx a lot for this interview!! Wishing you the very best of luck on 27/2/2008...and hope to see you in Belgrade too!
Kalomoira = Oooh! You're so sweet! Thanx a lot. Many kisses to all of you...! Byeee!!

For the "Krik!Music Corner" Krikor K.!


This is the one and only Kalomoira, the Greek phainomenon! She's a girl who each time you see her you can't quit smiling!! She's soo positive! Wish her all the best for her life! Go Kalomoira, Gooooo!!!

Watch a hot show Kalomoira did a couple of weeks ago at a famous Greek tv show...


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