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The Greek National Final for Eurovision 2008

By Krikor K.

Today,Wednesday 27 February 2008 was held the Greek National Final for Eurovision 2008 inside the "Athinon Arena" night club/centre, bringing great news to the Greeks! The show was hosted by the Maggira Sisters, Bety and Matthildi, who did an EXCELLENT show on stage during whole the evening! Special guests performed their songs on stage like Evdokia Kadi from Cyprus, Rebecca Dremelj from Slovenia, Nico & Vlad Miriţă from Romania and Elnur Hüseynov and Samir Javadzadeh from Azerbaijan.

The Songs.-

Firstly on stage performed her song Chrispa. "A chance to love" loose the..chance for the Eurovision from the very first moment due to Chrispa's stress! She appeared on stage with 4 male dancers with tattoos on their chests and backs. Chrispa wore a white short dress, and sang her song while dancing with the male dancers. It's worth to mention that the song's provisional title was "SOS for love" and that the composer of this "dance/oriental" song is Marios Psimopoulos and the lyrics are by Antonis Papas.

Secondly appeared Kostas Martakis who made a great stage performance prooving he can easily represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest. Kostas decided to sing a dance version of "Always and forever" (music by Dimitris Kontopoulos / lyrics by Vicky Gerothodorou)though the song was originally presented at the ERT press conferance in it's original form as a pop song with a rock feel to it. For his stage show, Martakis enlisted the help of one of Rouvas' dancer from Eurovision, Irina, who is Fokas Evagelino's protege. He appeared in all white with 2 female and 2 male dancers and back up singers. During the middle part of his song, he jumps up on a platform, and a big prop opens up on stage.

Third on stage to perform was Kalomoira!! Kalomoira and her record company "Heaven Music" picked the entry out of many songs sent in. They finally decided to compete with the "Secret Combination" an RnB, upbeat song with a Greek feel composed by Konstantinos Pantzis with lyrics by Poseidonas Giannopoulos. Kalomoira appeared on stage in a short J-LO dress, accompanied by 4 male back up dancers. At the start of the show, the 4 dancers hold her up on top of themselves, while she is laying down. Later she comes down, and starts dancing with them.

Greek people could call or sms for its best for about 20 minutes bringing the 60% of the final votes. The rest 40% would come from the special jury! Mr. Mimis Plesas (one of the greatest Greek musicians and composers) was for once more the president of the jury and the one who annaounced the final decission which was......

KALOMOIRA and the song SECRET COMBINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kalomoira appeared on stage again to resing the winning song almost burst in tears, feeling so happy and proud for this special moment of her life and career. At the 2nd place ended Kostas Martakis and his powerful song "Always and forever" and at the 3rd place the song of Chrispa "A chance to love" ...

Full results :
1st = Kalomoira = 167.000 votes
2nd = Kostas Martakis = 55.000 votes
3rd = Chrispa = 27.000

Kalomoira is about to compete at the 1st of the two Semi Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Serbia.
Krik!Music Corner is wishing Kalomoira the very best of luck in Belgrade for the Eurovision 2008 though it's totally sure Kalomoira can easily return home as a winner!!!!!!

Watch below some photos during the evening of the NF and also the three live performances of Chrispa, Kostas Martakis and Kalomoira via youtube..


The Maggira sisters who hosted the show...

The stage of the Greek NF...

During the show of Maggira sisters....

Kalomoira during her performance of "Secret Combination" wearing the J-LO gown...

Kalomoira between Posidona Giannopoulos (left) and Konstadinos Pantzis (right)

The (via youtube) videos! :

Chrispa - A chance to love :

Kostas Martakis - Always and forever :

Kalomoira - Secret Combination :


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