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This week's artist is....THALIA!

By Krikor K.

Thalia was born as Ariadna Thalia Sodi Mirand on 26 August 1971 in Mexico. She is a successful Latin-Grammy awarded singer and actress as well. She started her career in 1981 being a member of the child group "Din-Din". In 1984 she played the roal of Sandy in the teenage version od the musical production Grease. In 1986 she replaced one of the original female vocalists of the "Timbiriche" and at the same year she was cast for her first soap-opera "Pobre Senorita Limantour". In 1988 she starred in the Mexican telenovela "Quinceanera". She also starred in several soap operas and telenovelas which made her famous world wide such as "Luz y Sombra", "Maria Mercedes", "Marimar", "Maria la del Barrio", "Rosalinda" etc...

Thalia as Marimar
Thalia as Maria la del Barrio
Thalia as Rosalinda

Her first album came out on 1990 entitled "Thalia" produced by Alfredo Diaz Ordaz. Followed two more albums (Mundo de cristal, Love) before her fame as a singer become huge. The album which made her a successful singer was "En extasis" (1995) (#13 Billboard Top Latin Albums). Her firts major hit was "Piel morena" but also followed hits like "Amandote", "Juana", "Quiero hacerte el amor" and also "Maria la del Barrio" which was the soundtrack of the homonym soap opera. After "En extasis" Thalia released the super successful album "Amor a la mexicana" (#6 Billboard Top Latin Albums) produced by Emilio Estefan Jr. "Amor a la mexicana" includes songs mostly written by Kike Santander, who was responsible for her breakthrough hit "Piel morena". In 2000 "Arrasando" (#4 Billboard Top Latin Albums) was released with huge success. Arrasando's hits were "Entre el mar y una estrella", "Regresa a mi", "Reencarancio" and of course "Arrasando". Just a year later (2001) Thalia released a special edition album named "Con Banda -Grandes exitos" which includes different songs that she had already released but in a banda rhythm. On 2002 she released the album "Thalia" which was her 7th studio album. The album was buoyed by a pair of Hot Latin tracks chart topping singles "Tu y yo" and "No me ensenaste" and also a top-ten hit "A quien le importa?". This album also comes with three English songs including Dead or Alive cover "You spin me round (Like a record)". Her last album "El Sexto Sentido" was released on 2006 including hits like "Amar sin ser amada", "Seduccion", "Un sueno para dos" and "Un alma senteciada". The first three metioned songs also had their english versions entiled "You know he never loved you", "Seduction" and "Dream for two". During 2000 she made two important steps in her life : She took part in the movie "Mambo Cafe" and she got married to Tommy Motolla with whom on October 7 2007 she had her one and only so far baby, a cute girl names Sabrina Sakae! Thalia's world seems to be made by flowers and crystals!! :)

Thalia's Discography.-

1. Thalia
2. Mundo de cristal
3. Love
4. En extasis
5. Nandito Ako
6. Amor a la Mexicana
7. Arrasando
8. Con Banda - Grandes Exitos
9. Thalia
10. Thalia's hits remixes
11. Thalia (English)
12. Greatest hits
13. El sexto sentido


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