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By Krikor K.
Yesterday, Monday 10 February 2008, took place "Beovizija", the Serbian National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest. The hosts of the show, which took place inside the Sava Centar, in Belgrade, were Nina Radulović, Đorđe Maričić, Kristina Radenković and Branislav Katić. Big winner was Jelena Tomasevic with the song "Oro".

The hosts of "Beovizija 2008"....

Jelena during her performance in "Oro"...

The full results of "Beovizija 2008" (click on the picture so you can see it in higher quality)

Jelena had placed 2nd back in Beovisija 2005 with the song "Jutro" and since then she wanted a lot to represent her native country sometime. Thanks to Serbians this year beautiful Jelena can make her dream come (finally) true. "Oro" was the big favourite of the "Beovizija 2008" and was already winner for almost all the Serbians before the show! So, Jelena's victory was something predictable in Serbia. "Oro" is composed by Zeljko Joksimovic (who also composed "Jutro" in 2005) who will also be the gost of the contest in May. The lyrics are by Dejan Ivanović.

Jelena was born on November 1st 1983 in Serbia. Jelena started her way to stardom at the young age of 8 when she won the children's song contest "Šarenijada" in Kragujevac. This was her first public performance and with her vocal abilities captivated a very large amount of people. She performed to a much larger audience in 1994 at the Yugoslav Children's festival, held that year in Kragujevac when she won. From then she performed at various international festivals such as the Czech Republic, Belarus and Bulgaria where she won various awards. She competed and won in an Idol style show in 2002 called "3K dur" aired on RTS3. In 2005 she started a professional involvement with popular Serbian singer Željko Joksimović. In 2007 record label company Minocard signed her up and in April 2008 her debut album will be released. In her carrier she also guest starred in the movie Ivkova slava (2006) for which she also sang, made a guest appearance on Joksimović's album (2005) and opened the EuroBasket 2005 in Belgrade. Jelena graduated high school in Kragujevac in 2002. That same year she started studying at the University of Kragujevac at the faculty for English language. She has put her studies on hold but will graduate in 2009. She is currently not involved with anyone however tabloids are also very nicely behaved towards Jelena so therefore her life is not played out on the public stage, except her songs...

Read the lyrics of "Oro" and also their English translation here :

Ko li miluje, milo moje,
Ko li usne te, snene budi,
Ne zaboravi ime moje,
Kada krene da, da te ljubi, klasje moje ne spavaj.
Njega ljubi, mene uspavaj

Ne lomi mi led, vodu nema
Ne soli mi ranu, suza nema,
Ko li zaigra oro moje,
Neka ne igra za nas dvoje,
Klasje moje, mene uspavaj.

Nuna nej,nuna nuna nuna nuna nuna nej,
Na Vidovdan, probudi me, da ga opet pogledam


Who is caressing, my dear one
Who is waking up those sleepy lips
Don’t forget my name
When, my wheat, starts to kiss you, do not sleep
Kiss him, put me to sleep

Do not break my ice, it has no water
Do not put salt on my wound, there are no tears
Who is dancing my hora
May they not dance for the two of us
My wheat, put me to sleep

Nuna ney, nuna nuna nuna nuna nuna ney,
Wake me on St.Vitus’ day, so that I look at him again

..and also watch Jelena's live performance on "Oro" during Beovizija 2008"

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