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Dana International at EUROVISION 2008!

By Krikor K.

Stay cool!!! The absolute Diva of Eurovision is not performing for once again at the stage of Eurovision; though she will compete as a composer and writer of this year's Israeli entry in the contest...

KDAM 2008 (the National Final of Israel for the Eurovision Song Contest) was held on 26 February 2008 with Bo'az Ma'uda performing all the 5 entries. Bo'az Ma'uda is a young, very talented Israeli singer with a great voice. The song which decided to represent Israel at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest was the "Ke'ilo Kan" (=As if here). The song's music is composed, as we said above, by Dana International, the 1998 Eurovision winner and the lyrics are writen also by Dana International and Shai Kerem.

Results of the KDAM 2008 :

1. 164 - Ke'ilo kan (As if here )
2. 120 - Bli Ahavi (Without Love)
3. 110 - Parparim (Butterflies )
4. 84 - Hin'e Ha'or (Here's the light)
5. 82 - Masa Haiyai (The journey of my life)

Israel will take part in the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade on 21st May.

You can watch the live performance of Bo'az Ma'uda here :


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