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Everything about Eurovision 2008!

By Krikor K.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2008 will be hosted by Jovana Janković and Željko Joksimović inside "Belgrade Arena". Jovana Janković is a Serbian television personality and host described as the trade mark of Radio Television of Serbia, the national broadcaster of the country. Željko Joksimović is one of the most popular singers and composers of Serbia and also he represented Serbia in Eurovision 2004 placing 2nd! He also composed the 2006 Bosnia-Herzegovina's entry "Leyla" placing 3rd.

The theme of the 53rd edition of the contest is "The Confluence of Sound"! It's the 1st time there are taking part 2 Semi Finals and one final and all these just because this year in the contest are taking part 43 countries! The 1st semi final will take place on May 20 and the 2nd on May 22. The final will take place on 24th of May 2008! The countries are taking part in the 1st Semi Final are : Finland, Montenegro, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Poland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Estonia, The Netherlands, Romania, Moldova, San Marino, Slovenia, Norway, Belgium, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia. The countries of the 2nd Semi Final are : Denmark, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Ukraine, Switzerland, FYR Macedonia, Iceland, Cyprus, ,Latvia, Belarus, Hungary, Albania, Sweden, Turkey, Lithuania, Georgia, Czech Republic and Malta. In the final will for sure performe the Big4 countries meaning United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain and of course last year's winner and this year's host country Serbia.
Almost all the countries have selected their songs. The countries which still need to select their song are Sweden, Russia, Portugal, Serbia, Spain and Belgium!

The stage of Eurovision 2008

In some days "Krik! Music Corner" will present you all the songs of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. You just stay tune! ;)

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