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Interview with Vicky Gerothodorou

By Krikor K.

Vicky Gerothodorou is one of the most talented lyristics of Greece for the latest years. She also wrote the lyrics of the song "Always and forever" by Kostas Martakis which was one of the 3 songs in the Greek National Final for the Eurovision 2008! Besides the fact that "her" song didn't make it to Belgrade, Vicky is happy for this experience and she keeps smiling, as she does during all day long!
I met her on Thursday March 20 2008 at the "Lis" cafe in Glifada, a suburb of Athens to make an interview with her! :)
She answered all the questions with so much love and smile!

Check it out.-

Krikor = Vicky, first of all let me thank you so much for accepting the invitation for this interview!

Vicky = The pleasent is all mine Krikor!
Krikor = Before start talking about the big theme (Eurovision) let the people know you a little bit better...
Vicky = Sure! So, in almost 3 years I have released 85 songs. I have 18 platinum and golden discs and also a "Best pop song" award for the song "Ola giro sou girizoun" by Sakis Rouvas. Also I had the chance to work with some great Greek musicians and singers like Antonis Vardis, Christos Nikolopoulos, Paschalis Terzis, Yiorgos Dalaras, Yianis Kotsiras, Thanos Mikroutsikos, Melina Aslanidou, Sakis Rouvas, Pegi Zina, Elli Kokkinou, Evridiki, Elisavet Spanou, Kostas Martakis and many others as well...
Krikor = Wow! Great Greeks musicians!
Vicky = Indeed! I feel really lucky...
Krikor = How came the colaboration with Kostas Martakis for the Eurovision 2008?
Vicky = Well, actually Dimitris Kodopoulos, who composed the song "Always and forever" asked me to write the lyrics of the song and I accepted it because I thought that it would be nice to do so! So, it just came!
Krikor = Which of Kostas' two adversaries (Chrispa and Kalomoira) did you affraid most?
Vicky = Of course Kalomoira, because she is so beloved by the Greeks. We were all sure that she would represent Greece...
Krikor = Is generally Vicky fan of the contest?
Vicky = I wouldn't say so. It may happen and watch it on tv but also it may not. It depends on my works I'll have to do that day.
Krikor = Have you heard any of the songs for this year?
Vicky = Actually not. But i like Russia's singer Dima Billan!! I also liked him in 2006 and I was sad because he came 2nd! Also I adore the composer of Serbia, Zeljko Joksimovic! His music is great. I have also heard that the singer of Serbia is very good too!
Krikor = Yes, they're both great!

Vicky = Nice (smiling)
Krikor = You should also know that the "Secret Combination" is one of the bookmarkers' favourite for this year!!
Vicky = Really it is? Great! I would be happy if the contest would come in Greece for once more!
Krikor = Yes, that would be nice! Well, Vicky from all these songs you have already written can you choose a favourite?
Vicky = Of course it's hard to do so, but I'll tell you a couple I like more!! I'm talking about the song "Lathos (=Mistake)" by Melina Aslanidou, the song "5 vimata (=5 steps)" by Paschalis Terzis, "Kapou tha vrethoume (=We will meet each other somewhere)" by Yianis Kotsiras and of course the song "Ola giro sou girizoun (=Everything's spins around you)" by Sakis Rouvas!!
Krikor = Do you notice firstly the lyrics of a new song or not?
Vicky = Since I was a kid, i used to do this. And I keep doing it. And I believe each lyristic does the same!
Krikor = From the list of the singers you haven't work with yet, who would you choose to work?
Vicky = I should say Marios Frangoulis, Alkistis Protopsalti, Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Michalis Hadjiyannis... some of the singers I respect!
Krikor = What about the future plans of Vicky?
Vicky = I'm working on the new albums of Sakis Rouvas, Kostas Martakis and Helena Paparizou. So, I've got a lot to do!! (laughing)
Krikor = Wish you all the best! And I know you can do so!! Vicky, I would like to thank you once again for this interview! It was really good!
Vicky = Thank you too Krikor! I had a really great time!!

Watch some of the songs made by the one and only Vicky!!! :)

Ola giro sou girizoun - Sakis Rouvas

Stous 31 dromous - Sakis Rouvas

Sinthimata - Melina Aslanidou

Ise oti thelo - Elli Kokkinou

I diki mou mousiki - Natalia

Ola ine mousiki - Helena Paparizou

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