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J.Lo's Baby Names Revealed...

By Krikor K.

They kept the pregnancy a secret, then the fact they were having twins. Now Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are playing coy about the names of their new babies.

But if you want to know the truth, all you have to do is read Star! Back in January we told you that J.Lo's mother, Guadelupe, had bought ID bracelets for the as-yet-unborn tykes, bearing the names Max and Emme from a jeweler in Yorktown Heights, NY.

Everyone denied it, of course. But reports coming out of North Shore Hospital on Long Island, where the babies were born on Feb. 22, show we were right.

Now other magazines are playing catch-up, one saying the superstar couple is calling the kids Maximiano and Emelina, while another says "a source tells" the magazine the babies' names are Max and Emme...

...article taken from the STAR Magazine...

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