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This time..by Melanie C.

By Krikor K.

"I'm back! Wow, what a crazy few months I've had. The Spice Girls tour has been amazing, I've really enjoyed being back on stage with the girls. We've had such a great time.... Having the chance to do acoustic shows in LA & New York was fantastic too.It helped me get my fix of Melanie C.... ".... these are the..."welcome" words by Melanie C in her official website : http://www.melaniec.net/
The "I turn to you" singer is now releasing her new album with the title "This Time" and as she said she's really exited! The album will be released on April 8 in Canada and USA, produced by her own record company "Red Girl". "I've been so lucky being a member of Spice Girls, because they helped me earn some enough money to found my own record company and work on my own on my songs",she said.

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