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Who is Sirusho?

By Krikor K.

Sirusho is one of the best pop Armenian singers. She was born on January 7 1987 in Armenia and her mother is the famous Armenian singer Suzan Markaryan. Her first appearance in front of an audience, was in Canada when she was seven years old. By age 9 she received an award for her song called Lusabats. Her popularity isn't limited to Armenia, she had concerts in Canada, Belgium, United States, Greece, Poland, Germany, France, Georgia, Iran, Russia. She took piano lessons in a musical school named after Sayat-Nova and currently studies diplomacy in Yerevan State University. Her first album called Sirusho was released in 1999, and the second Sheram was released in 2005. It contained 10 songs of gusan Sheram. In the first Armenian National Music Awards, she was awarded the The Future of Armenian Music, Best album and Best female performer.
She was the Armenian spokesperson of the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 and will be the Armenian representative for Eurovision Song Contest 2008, to be held in Belgrade, Serbia with the song "Qele-Qele" (=Come on, come on)

Visit her site : http://www.sirusho.am/

Watch some songs of her via youtube:

Sirusho - Shorora (=The clothes)

Sirusho - Heranoum em es (I'm walking away)

Sirusho - Hima (=Now)

Sirusho - Yes siroum em qez (=I'm in love with you)

Sirusho - Chgitem (=I don't know)

Sirusho - Mez Vochinch Chi Bajani (=Nothing can divorce us)

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