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Interview with Jelena Tomasevic

By Krikor K.

Our meeting was arranged for the 1st of May 2008, in Thisio (Athens, Greece). At 21:30 she entered the café “Athineon Politia” wearing a warm smile which could make you feel so comfortable with her from the very first moment. I asked her a couple of things about herself and the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

If you would like to know what she said, just take a look belo

Krikor = Jelena, first of all, let me welcome you in Athens and congratulate you for your victory in Beovizija 2008.
Jelena = The pleasure is all mine! Athens is so beautiful and I really feel like home here.

Krikor = Tell us a bit about your winning song “
Jelena = Sure. Well, it’s an emotional balkan style ballad talking about a myth we have in Serbia : Girls put a flower under their pillow before sleeping at night and they dream the man of their life wishing to meet him and in reality during the St. Vidovdan day!
Dejan Ivanović turned this beautiful and innocent story to lyrics and Zeljko Joksimovic made this thing a song. The result was named "Oro" which is the name of a tradintional Serbian dance.

Krikor = So beautiful! All Serbian culture in one -wonderful indeed- song! Congratulations to all the team! Jelena, did you expected to be the one who the Serbians vote for the Eurovision 2008?

Jelena = To be honest, yes! Why? Because I have a really great song, composed by one of the greatest composers in Serbia… So, I was kind of expecting it!!

Krikor = Ok!! In 2005, you also took part in Beovizija with the song “Jutro” also composed by your great composer Zeljko. What do you remember of that year and why do you think your song came 2nd and not 1st!?

Jelena = I remember that I was really sad about my 2nd placing. I so wanted to represent my country at the Eurovision Song Contest. Well, the Montenegrian people gave null (0) points to "Jutro" making "No Name" represent the country at the contest. I liked their song, to be honest, but “Jutro” was somethin
g different. It was again composed by Zeljko Joksimovic - you're right!. “Jutro” is my very first song and it is the one which made me famous in Serbia. So, my 2008 victory is kind of because of "Jutro" and because people in Serbia know me as a singer...

Krikor = So, if you should decide between “Jutro” and “Oro” which would you choose?

Jelena = Do you mean which song I prefer? Oh God. No! Don’t put me in such a delema. I can’t choose. I told you, “Jutro” is my debuting in the Serbian music stage; On the other hand “Oro” is the song with which I represent my native country at the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Different feelings for each one of them. Can’t decide… I love them both.

Krikor = Are the Serbians happy with the contest?
Jelena = Of course they are! They are all celebrating and really can’t wait for it.

Krikor = Did you like the song “Molitva” last year?

Jelena = Yes, I did! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the final results!!! None of the Serbians could believe it! It’s really a big thing for us…

Krikor = Can you tell us some things about your stage performance during the contest?

Jelena = It’s not totally decided yet. We are working on it. I can just tell you what I know so far though! I’m going to have 5 people with me on stage. Two backing vocals, two musicians, who
will probably also do backing vocals, and one guest whose name is Bora Dugić. The story will be on stage -if we manage to do it!! So, you can somehow understand how will it be.

Krikor = Is there any song which you like most from this year’s contest?

Jelena = They are a couple of songs! I like Bosnia-Herzegovina, Armenia and Greece.

Krikor = Do you believe “Oro” can win this year?

Jelena = Really hard to believe it! But I wish it! I mean, why not? That would be very good! But the truth is that it’s difficult for a country to win second time in a row.

Krikor = Difficult, but not impossible!!

Jelena = Sure it’s not! It happened again but many years ago! I’m talking about these years of Eurovision! It’s really difficult. But I promise to give all by best to make a really nice performance…

Krikor = What are your plans after the contest of Eurovision?

Jelena = I have already done the recordings of my new album so I suppose the album is going to be released right after the contest.

Krikor = Jelena, who are you expecting to see during the St. Vidovdan day?!!
Jelena = Oh!! (Laughing) Well, I would like to meet my beloved, the man I’m going to marry some day...

Krikor = Hehe! (Smiles) Nice! Well, I would really like to thank you for this interview. I wish you all the best both during the Contest and your personal life! Hvala!!

Jelena = Haha! You speak Serbian!!! Well, thak you a lot Krikor! I really enjoyed this interview! Kisses from Serbia!

ORO Lyrics & Translation...

Ko li miluje milo moje? (Who caresses my loved one?)
Ko li usne te snene budi? (Who kisses those sleepy lips?)
Ne zaboravi ime moje (Don't forget my name)
Kada krene da, da te ljubi (When she begins to kiss you)
Klasje moje ne spavaj (My dear cornstalks, don't sleep)
Njega ljubi, mene uspavaj (Kiss him, and put me asleep)

Ne lomi mi led, vodu nema (Don't break my ice, there's no water within)
Ne soli mi ranu, suza nema (Don't put salt on my wound, I have no more tears)
Ko li zaigra oro moje (Whoever dances my Oro)
Neka ne igra za nas dvoje (He shouldn't dance it for the two of us)
Klasje, mene uspavaj (Cornstalks, put me to sleep)

Nuna nej, nuna nuna nuna nuna nuna nej
Nuna nej, nuna nuna nuna nuna nuna nej
Na Vidovdan, probudi me, da ga opet pogledam (Wake me on Saint Vitus' day, to look at him again)

Nuna nej, nuna nuna nuna nuna nuna nej
Nuna nej, nuna nuna nuna nuna nuna nej
Na Vidovdan, probudi me, da ga opet pogledam (Wake me on Saint Vitus' day, to look at him again)
Na Vidovdan, probudi me, još jednom da ga pogledam (Wake me on Saint Vitus' day, to look at him once more)

Watch below the "Jutro" and the "Oro"....


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  1. keti May 5, 2008 at 1:16 PM
    Sweet Jelena, amazing voice, wonderful songs both! How could she ever chose one of them, I wouldn't be able to chose either.
    I wish her all the best, and a great succesful career and of course, to make it true...two times in a row, why not?

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