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Kalomoira's new album!

By Krikor K.

Kalomoira, the Greek representer at Eurovision 2008, released today her 4th studio album "Secret Combination". The album contains 12 songs both in greek and english. There are two duets (one with Lisa Lee and one with Peter D. [from the "Master Tempo" band] and a remix of the "Secret Combination" - mixed by Master Tempo. The songs are generally in pop/r'n'b stlye.

You should listen to "All that I need" and also pay attention to "S'agapo" which's music may remind you of the song "Say it right" by Nelly Furtado!! The same song has an english version titled "Hot!". If you want to meet Kalomoira as a love singer, do it through the really beautiful ballad "Fall to you" which can easily make you cry...

Tracklisting .-
1. Secret Combination
2. Sto diko mou rithmo (=In my rhythm)
3. All that I need
4. Fall to you
5. S'Agapo (=I love you)
6. Kathe fora (=Every time)
7. Money ain't the key -Duet with Lisa Lee
8. Iparxou ores (=There are times) -Duet with Peter D. [of Master Tempo)
9. Sto ipa xiliades fores (=I've told you so many times)
10. Vradiazi (=It's getting dark)
11. Hot!
12. Secret Combination [Master Tempo Remix]

Download the album :

...and enjoy it!!!

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