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Mando : the new album

By Krikor K.

Do you remember Mando? She is the singer who represented Greece at Eurovision 2003 with the ballad "Never let you go" wearing a hot black evening gown... Now Mando is back releasing a brand new album!

She was away for a couple of years, to become mother for the second time and spend some time with the family, but now she's back totally freshed. She may changed her style (turned to more gothic), she may changed her hair colour (turned from blond to black) but she kept for sure her magical voice.

The album is titled "Mano II" and the first single "Dos mou logo na sotho" (=Give me reason to save me) is already a huge hit in Greece. Inside the album, you will also find two english songs : "Breath again" and "Safe" which they have been recorded in Denmark and they're produced by the famous producers DK. As a bonus track you will find the video clip of "Dos mou logo na sotho" which is directed by the famous Greek director Manolis Tzirakis.

Take a look at the video of"Dos mou logo na sotho"...

and if you want to remember Mando's entry at Eurovision, click below...


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