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Sirusho : I'm not affraid of any song at Eurovision!

By Krikor K.

We were together on a Eurovision party on Thursday. I met her again on Saturday ,this time, to take an interview from her. One of the most beautiful singers of the world, Sirusho answered all my questions without quiting smiling and being so kind and friendly. Let's find out what Sirusho, the Armenian singer of Eurovision 2008, told to "Krik!Music Corner"...

Krikor = Sirusho, how did come you to be the singer of Armenia this year? Sirusho = Well, my name was one of the bookmarkers' favourite for the Eurovision Song Contest since Armenia's first entry ever, back in 2006. This year, I finally been choosen and I'm really happy for that.

Krikor = What feelings did you have when "Qele-Qele" was voted as the entry of Armenia?
Sirusho = Despite the fact that I was involved in all my 4 song as a lyristic, I was really exited with "Qele-Qele"'s victory because this certain song is my top favourite.

Krikor = Was your own desire for the lyrics to be half Armenian and half English?

Sirusho = Yes, absolutelly.

Krikor = Where have you been so far during your promo tour?

Sirusho = Well, I have been in many countries... Shall we count together? I have been in Georgia, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Greece. So? How many countries Krikor?

Krikor = It's 10 countries! Wow! Aren't you tired?

Sirusho = I so am, but you can't imagine how wonderful time I spent during this promo tour. It's so nice meeting people who express their love to you, wishing you "Good Luck"... it's magical feeling...

Krikor = Nice! Which of the songs of Eurovision 2008 do you like and affraid of?
Sirusho = There are so many I like... but I prefer not to tell you because it's unfair in my opinion. Well, I'm not affraid of any song... I so believe in "Qele-Qele" and myself...

Krikor = You're the 1st female Armenian artist in Eurovision. Does this fact make
you more anxious?

Sirusho = Well, it's something...but still not! I'm not affraid of anything...

Krikor = Ok Sirusho. I would like to thank you for this mini interview and wish you good luck in the contest!

Sirusho = Really thank you Krikor! Many kisses!


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