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Hakol ze letova : Delux Edition

By Krikor K.

In Augurt 2007, Dana International (winner of the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest) released the album "Hakol ze letova" which contains many No1 hits such as "Hakol ze letova", "Love boy", "Lola", "At Muchana", "Seret Hodi" etc. After the huge success of the album Dana released a deluxe edition of the album which includes apart from the 12 songs also 2 remixes and a bonus DVD including the videoclips of "Lola" & "Love Boy".

Here is the tracklist of the Deluxe edition of "Hakol Ze Letova":

1. Hakol Ze Le Tova (All is for the best)
2. Yom Huledet (Birthday)
3. Bereshit (Genesis)
4. Lo ma'amina (Do Not Believe)
5. Yalla Balagan (Come On Chaos)
6. Seret Hodi (Indian Movie)
7. Love Boy
8. At Muchana (You Are Ready)
9. Eifo Halev (Where Is The Heart)
10. Memagnet (Magnetize)
11.Yom Acher (Other Day)
12.Churvot Ha'ahava (Ruins Of Love)
13.Hakol Ze Le Tova - Ziv Goland &Danny Tuval Re-Mix
14.Love Boy - Ely Avramov & Ziv Goland Re-Mix

Lola (directed by Guy Sagi)
Love Boy (directed by Gili Boraks)


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