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Helena Paparizou : The New Album!

By Krikor K.

FINALLY!!! The 2005 Eurovision winner, Helena Paparizou, released her brand new album today!!!! Its title is "Vrisko to logo na zo" (=I find the reason to live) and contains 13 songs. 12 brand new and her previous hit "To fili tis zois" (=The kiss of life). Already the songs "Porta gia ton ourano" (=Door for the sky) and "I kardia sou petra" (=Your heart is like a stone) are hits in Greece. Seems like Helena is very happy for this album and the level of the songs is much higher than her previous works. Plus, the new photoshoots make her better "singer", meaning more professional. Helena is not yet the little girl who is dreaming to become a singer.... She is a singer! The No1 singer in Greece!

Enjoy the album after downloading it here

the cover of the album "Vrisko to logo na zo"

1. I kardia sou petra
2. Kita brosta
3. Porta gia ton ourano
4. Pios?
5. Agapi san listia
6. Mathe prota na agapas
7. Ise i foni
8. Pirotexnimata
9. Den tha me edo
10. Papeles Mijados (ft. Cambao)
11. To 'xis i den to 'xis
12. Mi mou milas ya adio
13. To fili tis zois

Also watch the video clip of the hit "Porta gia ton ourano" here
and visit the official website : http://www.helenapaparizou.com

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