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Is Leona beating Amy??

By Krikor K.

We all know Leona Lewis isn't an aggressive girl. But has she knocked someone down from a number one choice? Just what's going on between Leona and Amy Winehouse?
Apparently Leona is on the brink of being chosen to sing the new James Bond theme tune. That means that Amy and a whole load of other musical stars have to stand aside. The word is that the film grande fromages are having pow-wows with Leona's bunch about her putting her pipes to the 22nd Bond flick, Quantum Of Solace. A source told The Sun: "It looks like Leona has finally won the race. "She is seen as one of the few candidates who has the right profile both sides of the pond to do it."Amy was their original choice but she just... hasn’t got the right image. "The Bond guys now look set on Leona. She is reliable and has a great voice for it. "Hopefully something could be announced soon." Before this, the rumour mill was all about Amy doing the track - but didn't seem to be going well after a stint working with producer Mark Ronson.
Back in May, Mark revealed: "I’m not sure Amy is ready to work on music yet." And even her rep has admitted an Amy 007 theme now looks "unlikely". We'll be keeping our eyes on this one.

Article taken by www.showbiz.sky.com

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