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Madonna's life on book!

By Krikor K.

Do you remember Kalomira's lyrics in "Secret Combination"? She was singing "...an open book, an open book well I'm sorry I am not!". Well, on the other hand, Madonna is going to be a book in fact and for sure many people will open it! The writer is Christofer Chiccone, Madonna's younger brother. The 47 y.o., not that famous, actor who used to co-work with the queen of pop during the '90s is now ready to publish all the secrets of his sister! Do you think he know more than just the backstages of the hot movies "All time classic" and "Erotica" by Madonna?
Simon & Schuster who have undertaken the book's publishing have arranged to make 350.000 copies of the book so far! Naah, guys! It's not enough! You'll need moooore copies!! This is about Madonna!!!

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