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System of A Down interested in Eurovision 2009

By Krikor K.
After Armenia received its best result ever this year with Sirusho, the world-famous rock band System of a Down shown a keen interest in representing the country in Russia next year. However, the soloist of the American band, Serj Tankian, has openly stated in a recent visit in Finland that this will be under one condition: if they will be able to use Eurovision as a way to make the much-debated Armenian Genocide issue known. "Esc would be an excellent way to make this theme known. We must seriously think of this." said Tankian in response to a question posed by Finnish News Agency.

System of a Down is very politically active and are noted for the liberal political views expressed in their songs, tackling myriad subjects including the War on Drugs, religion, drug use, and especially censorship. They have actively campaigned to get Turkey to recognize the controversial Armenian Genocide and the subject is often-tackled in their songs. They are also a part of the Axis of Justice, a non-profit political activist organization fighting for recognition of the polemical issue, believed to have taken part in the early 20th century. Ironically, the band has many Turkish fans as well.

Previously similar themes have been tried at Eurovision with mixed success. In 1976 Greece sent the song Panaghia mou, Panaghia mou about the invasion of Cyprus, in 1993 Bosnia-Herzegovina performed Sva bol svijeta about the war in the region, and it is also believed by experts that the 1996 United Kingdom entry Ohh Ahh Just a little bit also has a hidden message about genocide.

With previous song titles such as Violent Pornography, This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song, Peephole and Fuck the System, System of a Down would perhaps be censored by the EBU rule about bad language that previously forced Silvia Night to officially change the lyrics of her song, while the EBU would probably choose to believe the political message was a reference to ancient Armenian bedtime stories or an ending relationship.

...Article taken from www.oikotimes.com

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