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All about Kalomoira's disappearance...

By Krikor K.

It is already known that Kalomira, after her participation in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, got back in her native country, the USA, without giving any explanation to the Greek media. The reason she left, as the Greek people and media know, is her sister's pregnancy . But as it seems, Kalomira is not returning to Greece no matter if her sister has already given birth to her child!
Kalomira's father, mr. Nikos Saradis, talked to "DownTown" magazine explaining the main reasons which made Kalomira leave Greece. As he said, Kalomira, didn't receive an amount of money which she was told she would be given and also he thinks that Greek show business is exploiting the new singers.
He also said that his daughter was in crazy pressure during the Eurovision Song Contest, doing so many rehearsals and almost not having slept for whole the Eurovision period.
Greek journalists aksed him if we are going to see Kalomira again soon, and he said that maybe in August she could come to Greece but all the decisions are up to her.

Kalomira...come back! We really miss u, ur sweet face and your funny character! Greece LOVES you...

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