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Happy Birthday Sandra,Helen & Mick!

By Krikor K.

***Sandra Bullock***

Sandra Annette Bullock (mostly known as simply Sandra Bullock) is one of the best American actresses. She was born on 26 July 1964 has won the "Screen Actors Guild" award and she has twice nominated for the "Golden Glode Award". She came to fame in the 1990's after roles in successful films such as "Speed", "While you were sleeping" but she became very famous by her leading role in the film "Miss Congeniality". She is one of the most beloved actresses of the U.S.A. Happy Birthday Sandra!

***Helen Mirren***

Helen Mirren was born on 26 July 1945 as
Ilyena Vasilievna Mironov in Essex, England. Her father was Russian and her mother was English. She is an English stage, film and television actress. She has won an Oscar, 4 SAG Awards, 4 BAFTAs, 3 Golden Globes and 4 Emmy Awards during her career. One of her most famous roles is the one of "Queen Elisabeth II" in the movie "The Queen" (2006). Happy Birthday Helen Mirren!

***Mick Jagger***

Mick Jagger was born as Michael Phillip on 26 July 1943. He is a Golden Globe Award winning English rock musician, actor, songwriter, record & film producer and businessman. He has also won twice a Grammy Award! He is best known as the lead vocalist and frontman of the rock 'n' roll band "The Rolling Stones". Happy Birthday Mick!!

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