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Happy Birthday Kate Ryan & Despina Vandi

By Krikor K.

*** Kate Ryan ***

Kate Ryan was born as Katrien Verbeeck on 22 July 1980. She is a very famous Belgian singer. Known mostly for her succesful covers of different French songs and her song "Je t'adore" with which she represented Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.Happy Birthday Kate!!!

*** Despina Vandi ***

Despina Vandi was born as Despina Malea on 22 July 1969 in Germany to greek parents. She moved to her parents' city, Kavala, at early age where she grew up! She studied in the famous Univercity of Thesaloniki and then she moved to Athens to work as a singer. Her first album had a great success and all greeks loved her from the very first moment. Now, at her 39, she is the best Greek female singer having a special family with two kids! Happy Birthday Despina!!!

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  1. amoss12000 July 22, 2008 at 2:40 PM
    I hope you enjoy it!

    (I couldn't care less about Despina - I haven't really loved her music!)

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