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Shiri Maimon.... what is this video???

By Krikor K.

The fabulus Israeli singer, Shiri Maimon, who came 4th at Eurovision Song Contest 2005 with the beautiful baland "Ha-sheket shenish'ar"(The silence that remains), is being shown in a video full of mystery. The song under the video is the hit of her new album "Rega lifney she..." entitled "Ve rociti shetedai" (=And I wanted that will know) (duet with Noa Paran). In the video Shiri and Noa are acting like a lesbian couple making everyone think if Shiri is in act lesbian. We still don't know any further information about this video. Maybe it's the video clip of the song but in fact Shiri is not singing the words of the song in the video. If u want to check the video just click below the "Play" button....

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