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By Krikor K.

It's the 2nd time happening! Of course we're talking about the "Eurovision Dance Contest". In this year's contest will take part 15 countries : Azerbaijan, Austrtia, Denmark, Greece, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Lithuania, Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden and Finland, which was last year's winner! The contest will take part on 6 September 2008 in Glascow.

Greece this year is sending the dancers Jason Roditis and Tonia Kosovich, a very famous couple which have already collected a severl number of awards in international contests.
They are both Greek/Australians and they became very famous in Greece as members of the production of the show "So you think you can dance".

Austria will be reperesented in the 2008 Eurovision Dance Contest by the sympathetic Dorian Steidl and Nicole Kuntner who hope to get lots of points from the European televoters with their exciting dance!

Azerbaijan is the only newcomer in this year's star-filled Eurovision Dance Contest. Its dancers are the attractive couple Eldar Dzhafarov and Anna Sazhina. You think they will have the luck of the 1st contestant?

Last year's winner Finland is inviting Mikko Ahti and Maria Lund to represent the country in the 2008 Eurovision Dance Contest 2008. The couple had won the third season final of "Strictly Come Dancing" in May 2008. After winning the first ever Eurovision Dance Contest in 2007, the Finns hope to repeat this success in Glasgow!

Denmark's couple will be popular musician and actor Patrick Spiegelberg alongside professional dancer Katja Svensson.

Martin Mroczek and Edyta Herbus are the representatives from Poland this year. The attractive dancers would like to conquer the European hearts with their energetic performance!

Portugal is sending João Tiago & Raquel Tavares who met on the 3rd season of
"Dança Comigo", the Portuguese edition of the “Strictly Comes Dancing” show. She was one of the famous guests, a very well known fado singer, and he was one of the professional dancers there. The chemistry between them was immediate and one could see the bond they created while being on the dance floor!

Danny Saucedo - one Sweden's most successful pop-singers - and professional dancer Jeanette Carlsson are the Swedish hopefuls to bring the 2008 Eurovision Dsnce Contest trophy to Stockholm!

Ukraine's entry in the 2008 Eurovision Dance Contest will be the glamorous couple Kyryl Khytrov & Liliya Podkopaeva with Liliya being a former Olympic champion in gymnastics!

So far only these countries have annaounced their entries. Stay tuned on "Krik! Music Corner" or to
eurovisiondance.tv so you can get more information.

Information for the article from www.eurovisiondance.tv

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  1. AlexU August 7, 2008 at 1:19 AM
    Official site is very late in it's information, for example Ireland has chosen their entrants in May. Also all other countries, except for Russia and UK have chosen already.
    There is also controversy, as according to rules all couples should be made of professional and celebrity, but two countries: Azerbaijan and Greece have selected completely professional couples.
    You can check this site for the latest news and information on other selections:
  2. Krikor K. August 7, 2008 at 1:28 AM
    Hey! thanx a lot for the help! Well, I'm not fan of the dance contest so I didn't know any information! hehe! Very kind of you to help me by giving me the information and the new link! :)

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