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Happy Birthday Antonio Banderas!

By Krikor K.

José Antonio Domínguez Banderas
(full name of Antonio Banderas) was born on August 10 1960 in Spain. He is one of the best known Spanish actors and singers! He began his acting career at the age of 19. Some of the most known movies in which he played several roles are "Assassins", "Evita", "Desperado", "Philadelphia", "The Mask of Zoro" and the "Shrek sequels". He has also sang the very famous opera song "The fantom of the opera" along British soprano Sarah Brightman with great success. Happy Birthday Antonio!!

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  1. Anonymous August 11, 2008 at 6:41 AM
    Don't forget his spectacular performance on Broadway in "Nine" for which he was a Tony nominee,and that he won several other awards, including the Drama Desk, and his dancing in "Take the Lead." What a multi-talented (and greatly underused)person he is!

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