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Kalomira speaks!

By Krikor K.

After her dad, now it's her time to speak and complain for all these which made her hurt. Kalomira, the absolutely beloved Greek singer/dancer explains to Yiannis Poulopolos, for DownTown magazine, why she left Greece.

"The fact I don't know how to speak Greek well doesn't mean that I don't also understand. So nobody can exploit me. The only thing I cannot stand is the lie and the hypocrisy..."
When she was singing at a province, she posted her autographs on her own with her own money... "That should be done from my company" said the cute singer. "All these made me leave for the USA as soon as possible. I had to see my sister and her newborn baby and I had to spend some time with my family and my friends."

About the Eurovision Song Contest she says "It was fun! We had a lot to do, we have worked so many hours and days without sleeping at all, but i still feel very honoured because my native country selected me to represent it in such a special contest. And I'm really happy for the result because it's really difficult to get a good position in the Eurovision Song Contest the last years..."

The interview ends like this "I have already miss Greece and its sunshine, but I really don't know if I'm gonna return...."

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