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Madonna "Sticky & Sweet": Photo report

By Krikor K.
"Mad Tv", the absolute Greek music channel pupblished on the net some photos from Madonna's concert in Wales. Take a look :

The journalist and tv presenter of MAD Tv, Themis Georgantas, was in the first Madonna "Sticky and sweet" concert in Wales on 23 August. Read now the higlights of the concert..made by Themis!!

. The start was amazing. There is a huge box in the middle of the stage which breaks and the pieces are turning to video walls and inside of the box is Madonna!!

. Madonna is singing the song "Get into the groove"

. She sings "La Isla bonita" in a gypsy punk version like the one with Gogol Bordello just a year before. The song turned in a medley with some other songs and the stage reminds of a gypsy party!

. During the 3rd part of the concert, through the video walls there is the Britney Spears video while the whole stadium is listening to "Human Nature". At the end of the track the phrase "It's Britney bitch" can be heard!!!

. Justin is being shown on stage via 3D program in a moving video wall. That is for the "4 minutes" song...


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