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Greek National Final for the Junior ESC 2008....

By Krikor K.

Tomorrow, Saturday 27 September 2008, via ERT, the National Broadcaster of Greece, will be shown the National Final for the Greek entry at the 2008 Junior Eurovision Song Contest!

Presenters of the evening will be Renia Tsitsibikou and George Amiras. Guest star will be Kostas Martakis who will sing some of his great hits.

The final desicion will come by a double voting of 60% from the people and 40% from the special jury. The members of this jury are :
1. Besi Aryiraki - Famous Greek singer, presenter of Greece at Eurovision 1977
2. Sofia Vossou - Famous Greek singer, presenter of Greece at Eurovision 1991
3. Nikos Voutouras - representive of the record company "N.R.G."

4. Thodoris Zografos - Director of the "Vocal Art Academy", vocal teacher, composer

5. Giorgos Polichroniou - Music director

6. Giorgos Siriopoulos - journalist, director of the magazine "Radiotileorasi"

7. Kostas Tournas - Famous Greek singer and composer

The 10 songs which will compete during the night are :

1. Pede onira (=Five dreams)

Singing - Music - Lyris : Karapati Elena, Papapetrou Emilia, Skalkotou Pinelopi, Souma Eleni, Chalkiopoulos Dimosthenis

2. To mikro mou mistiko (=My little secret)

Singing - Music : Kaouni Christina
Singing - Lyrics : Kaouni Katerina

3. Odiyise me thalassa (=Sea, guide me)
Singing - Music - Lyrics : Karapetrova Anna

4. Ena asteri pefti (=A star is falling down)
Singing - Music - Lyrics : Tsetsou Niki, Stefopoulou Vasiliki

5. To fili tis Afroditis (=Afrodite's kiss)

Singing - Music - Lyrics : Manoukian Athina

6. Kapia nichta (=A night)

Singing - Music - Lyrics : Yiannatou Niki

7. To kako ksipnitiri (=The bad alarm clock!)

Singing - Music : Theodorou Maria Singing - Lyrics : Theodorou Anastacia

8. Bes ke si sto rithmo (=Join the rhythm)

Singing - Music - Lyrics : Zabetani Mikaela

9. Sti skini tis mousikis

Singing - Music - Lyrics : Papaioannou Loukia-Maria

10. Ena asteri (=A star)

Singing - Music - Lyrics : Levetsoviti Christina

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