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Spears on MTV VMA 2008!!

By Krikor K.

Britney Spears will open the 25th MTV Video Music Awards - as it was also announced. The princess of pop music, Britney, is totally back to the beloved Britney icon which we all adore, ready to open the video awards with a special choreography. The awards will take place on September 7 2008 inside Paramount Studios of Hollywood!

Apart from the oppening act, Britney is also nominated for 3 awards. The categories are :
1. Best Female Video
2. Best pop video
3. Video of the year

As she declared she feels happy for being again at MTV's VMA as the certain awards own a special part in her heart. She also admites that she feels proud of making the oppening act and of course of meeting her fans again...

Can't wait to watch your performance Brit!
If u also can't wait just watch a small part from the rehearsals before watching the full awards.
**For the Greek people.... --> The MTV VMA 2008 will be shown from the Greek MTV on 27 September 2008. Stay tuned! **


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