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Beyonce's new double album....

By Krikor K.

By November 18 2008 the fans of the rnb singer Beyonce will have the chance to hold on their own hands the brand new album of their favorite singer. The title of the album is going to be "I Am...Sacha Fierce" and will be a double album.

Beyonce explains : "The first album's title is "I Am..." and the second's one is "Sacha Fierce". Each album will have its own cover".

In the album "I Am..." will be containted the songs "If i were a boy", "Halo", "Disapear", "Broken hearted girl", "Ave Maria", "Satellites". The "Sacha Fierce" will contain "Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)",
"Radio," "Diva," "Sweet Dreams," and "Video Phone".

The production of
"I Am... Sasha Fierce" had done by Beyonce Knowles και Mathew Knowles.

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