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Leona Lewis : On the top once again!

By Krikor K.

She couldn't be away from the top of the charts for a long time. After "Bleeding Love" Leona Lewis is again No1 due to her deluxe edition of her debut "Spirit" which sold 76.727 copies making it from No137 up to No1 of the charts!!!! Incredible but so true!!

At the 2nd place of the chats Dido and her brand new album "Safe trip home". P!nk used to be No1 with her hit "So what?" but her full album "Funhouse" is at the No8 -not bad at all! Beyonce and "I Am...Sacha Fierce" is at the No10, though her single "If I were a boy" is No1 at the British Singles Charts by selling 47.949 copies!

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