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7+1 "bravo"s for Leona Lewis!

By Krikor K.

British singer Leona Lewis has done many -good- things so far for this year...

Some days before we can officialy say goodbye to 2008, "Krik! Music Corner" presents you "Leona Lewis' achievements" :

1. Leona has been the artists with the greatests sellings for 2008 as a newcomer.

2. She's the 5th in order artist having the biggest sellings of a record all over the world

3. She's a newcomer and she has already been nominated for 3 Grammy awards (Record of the year for "Bleeding love", Female Pop Vocal Performance for "Bleeding love" as well and also Best Pop Vocal album for "Spirit")

4. "Spirit" is the 9th album having the biggests sellings for 2008 all over the world

5. "Bleeding love" has been the biggest selling single for 2008

6. "Run", her brand new single, is being included in the album "Spirit - Delux edition" which went streight to the top of the charts since the very first day of its release (November 17)

7. iTunes awarded "Bleeding love" as the best selling single of 2008 last week

8. "Spirit" has sold 5.000.000 copies all over the world since now.
Billboard created a new list awarding Leona as the best newcoming artist for this year...

"Krik! Music Corner" congratulates Leona for these things.

An artist to admire....

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