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Kalomira : Eurovision again????

By Krikor K.

Kalomira, the sweetest person of Greek showbiz, appeared today on a greek morning programm named "Omorfos kosmos to proi" (=Beautifun world in the morning) saying many things. Some of the themes were the Eurovision Song Contest and her boyfriend, Yiorgos. Let's check out...

TOPIC 1! - Eurovision

Kalomira participated successfully at the last so far Eurovision Song Contest, the one in Serbia on 2008. By representing Greece with the song "My Secret Combination" she placed 3rd making all Greeks proud and making people all over the world talk about her. She was aksed during the programm if she would take part again at the contest and as she told she would but only if she would be aksed to go streight to the contest without participating at any National Final with other Greek singers as it was happened on 2008...


Kalomira is now engaged to her boyfriend Yiorgos and as she told they going to get married during 2010! BUT! As the singer said, her preority is to learn how to cook and then be a wife!!

Kalomira is now the host of a new game in Greece and she did not hide that she would make a big concert in Greece....

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