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Patricia Kaas at the 2009 E.S.C.

By Krikor K.

At the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest will take part, the worldwide famous singer Patricia Kaas. The rumors that wanted her to represent her native country, France, made all her fans around the world happy. The fans became even more happier when they found out that the rumors are not rumors and that it's finally sure that the singer is representing France at the 54th edition of the grand European music festival.

Patricia was born on December 5 1966 in France to French father and German mother. Since she first started her carreer as a singer she became extremely famous all over the world. She has been released so far 19 albums (the first in 1988 and the last in 2008). In 2002 she appeared on the movie "And now...ladies and gentelmen" among Jeremy Irons and Claudia Cardinale playing the mane female role of Jane Lester. Kaas has been awarded 14 times with awards like "Artist with most record sales abroad"(1995), "International female artist of the year"(2002), "Best French female artist of the year" (1995), "Discovery of the year" for D'Allemagne" (1988), "Female musician with most record sales abroad" (1991) and many others! One of her best selling songs is "Les hommes qui passent" which was released on April of 1990.

Enjoy Patricia in two lovely songs :

. Les hommes qui passent

. Les chansons commecent

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