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Sakis Rouvas in Serbia!

By Krikor K.

Sakis Rouvas, the absolute Greek pop star, was invited last week at Operacija Trijumf in Serbia. Operacija Trijumf is a talent show being held in Serbia but the participants come from all the X-Yugoslavian countries! Sakis was invited there, as he is extremely famous in all the Balkan countries, and he sang his 2004 Eurovision Song Contest entry "Shake it" in a duet with Aleksandar Belov from F.Y.R.O.M. and also his brand new hit "Ke se thelo" in a new english version under the title "Keep on moving". The Serbians couldn't stop screaming Sakis' name during his every single movement on stage but also backstage! Sakis, in Greece, is the main presenter of the Greek version of X-Factor and also he will be the presenter of Greece for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Russia.

Watch both performances below :

Keep on moving

Shake it (duet with Aleksandar Belov)


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