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Arash composes for Eurovision!!

By Krikor K.

Worldwide famous singer and songwriter Arash, known for his hits "Boro-Boro", "Arash", "Temptation", "Pure Love", is the composer of the song "Always" which will be performed by Aysel during the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Aysel will represent Azerbaijan with Arash's song hoping for a good position! The song was selected between thirty entries by a special jury and the own singer.

Always is what we were looking for! This is a 100-percent Eurovision hit song, which fits AySel perfectly. It is a romantic song, and we are sure it will become a European hit of this spring. We are very satisfied with the selection, and now the matter depends on staging a bright and spectacular show!" says Murad Adigozelzade, one of the jury members.

Aysel states that she was surprised to hear Arash had submitted a song in the Azeri preselection: "Of course, I have already heard the song, but I won't comment on it for the time being. The thing is that it's really important for me to understand how the song will sound in the final. So I am really looking forward to its recording and arrangement." she says...

Good luck Azerbaijan!!

Aysel - the singer of "Always" who will represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision Song Contest 2009!

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