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Marie : No! / Alcazar : Yes!

By Krikor K.

Last week, took part the first round of the Swedish Music Festival called Melodifestivalen. Melodifestival is an annual music competion in Sweden. It determines the country's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest and has been staged almost every year since 1959.

This year, two of the most famous (worldwide) Swedish aritsts were nominee : Marie Serneholt and the band Alcazar! Marie became famous worldwide a couple of years ago when she released the single "That's the way that my heart goes" and Alcazar are very famous for their music and songs like "Crying at the discotheque"!

During Melodifestivalen, Marie Serneholt made an unforgetable performance with the song "Disconect me" but she finally didn't make it to the next round. On the other hand the band Alcazar managed to enter to the next round and still are nominee to represent Sweden at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest...

You can watch Marie Serneholt's performance below :


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