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Time machine at "Krik! Music Corner"

By Krikor K.
The Time Machine of "Krik! Music Corner" is helping you to turn back time and meet how the nowadays superstars were in the past! Have a look :


The absolute queen of music! Half American and half Armenian, Cherylin Sarkisian (known as Cher) started her carreer around 1962. Until 2005, when she stopped singing after a wonderful farewell tour she did, Cher has become a big name on pop music enjoying many No1 albums and many hits!!

Britney Spears

The princess of pop music! Britney started her official carreer around 1997-1998 when she released her first album "Baby one more time". Since then, she has done everything; No1 albums and singles, magical video clips, interviews, a
wards, movie, concerts, kiss on lips with the queen of pop Madonna, marriage, children, drugs, drinks and lost of her own control : The black period. On December 2 2008 (the same day with her 27th birthday) Britney, after speding 2 years on the black period of her life and carreer, came back to discography with the album "Circus" being once more the real pop singer!

Justin Timberlake

He is mostly known for his former releationship with princess of pop Britney Spears and for h
is being a member of the boy band "N 'Sync". Since 2002 Justin is singing on his own as he started his solo carreer and as it seems his is preety good on what he is doing.

Kylie Minogue

No matter she started as an actress on the soap opera "The Neighboors", Kylie managed to become of the most beloved singers from Australia all over the world. Many No1 hits worldwide and many over crowded concerts can make the tiny diva of pop music happy for being a singer!!


What can someone say about Madonna? She is the real performer of pop music! Madonna started her carreer as not being such an innocent girl!!! Porn movies and sexy photo shoots were her first steps on showbiz but on 1982 she released her first album. Year by year, Madonna released her albums under a great success becoming as a result the queen of 80's! Now, she is already married and divorced with two children...

y Martin

He was the idol of all the teenager girls as he was and his is a very handsome man. Ricky from Puerto Rico became famous after his hits "Maria", "She bangs" , "Livin' la vida loca", "Private emotion" and many others. A very good singer and a very talented dancer, Ricky knew how to make the audience under the stage feel free and entertain!! Now, Ricky has adopted two children but he still is not married...

Celine Dion

The powerful voice of all times, Celine Dion started her carreer in 1981. She became worldwide famous after her victory at the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest where she represeted Switzerland no matter that she is Canadian! With the song "Ne partez pas sans moi" she came 1st. This voctory helped on the promotion of her 1st international album "Unison". After
that many No1 hits and awards came. Her fame rised extremelly when she sang the official soundtrack of the 1997 movie "Titanic" "My heart will go on", one of the greatest songs of lifetime. Now Celine lives happily alongside her husband Rene Angelil and her son, Renee Charles!

Christina Aguilera

She was just 18 when she had her own No1 hit for "Genie in a bottle". Christina turn to a beloved teenage performer though Britney Spears was always higher than her. This did not stopped Christina's love for music and that's why she has done cool steps during her carreer. On 2001 she was one of the 4 female singers to perform the official soundtrack of the movie "Moulin Rouge" "Lady Marmalade" which gave her even more fame. On January 12, 2008, Aguilera gave birth to her son, Max Liron Bratman.

Enrique Iglesias

Being a son of the worldwide famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias could not be
a good point of a new singer. Though Enrique managed to become famous and beloved no matter his father's great success. Songs like "Rhythm divine", "Bailamos" and "Could I have this kiss forever" made him famous all over the world. His best selling album was "Escape" when he also met his girlfriend Anna Kurnikova, famous Russian tennis player. Iglesias is very well known for not taking the media seriously and has consistently joked about a wide variety of matters including the state of his relationship - as mentioned above - as well as the size of his manhood!!!!!

Jennifer Lopez

The absolute hot latina! Jennifer is famous for being a singer, songwriter, composer, performer, dancer, actress, model and fashion designer! She started her music carreer on 1999 when she released her firstl album "On the 6" including hits like "Waiting for tonight", "
If you had my love" and "Let's get loud". Lopez's second album, "J.Lo", was released on January 23, 2001 and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 making her famous all over the world and also giving her the nickname "J.Lo" (J from Jennier and Lo from Lopez"). Jennifer also participayed in many movies such as "Selena", "The Wedding planner", "Angel eyes", "Monster in law", "Enough" and many others. On the last night of their "En Concierto" tour November 7, 2007, before a crowd of fans, Lopez confirmed she was expecting her first child with husband Marc Anthony. The announcement ended months of speculation over the pregnancy. Her father later confirmed on February 5, 2008, she was expecting twins.Lopez gave birth on February 22, 2008 to fraternal twins, a girl and a boy, Emme Marbiel Muñiz, and Maximilian "Max" David Muñiz.The twins were introduced in the March 11, 2008 issue of People magazine for which the magazine paid $6 million!!!!!

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