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"La noche es para mi" in Greek....!

By Krikor K.

"La noche es para mi" is the entry of Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 performed by the top Spanish pop singer Soraya Arnelas!

The song was composed a year ago by Dimitris Stassos and had originaly greek lyrics by Nektarios Tirakis. The title was "Afta pou kseris" (=All that you know). The duo had on its mind singer Helena Paparizou as the main singer of the song, though the No1 singer refused it as one of the tracks of her last album because the genre of the certain album was rock/pop and not that much latin/pop (as was the style of "Afta pou ksereis").

Apart from Helena Paparizou, composer Dimitris Stassos had on mind singers Chrispa and Maro Litra :

The song was offered to Greek singer Chrispa as her entry at the Greek National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. Chrispa prefered to perform the song "A chance to love" during the National Final which finally placed last on the scoreboard!!

Time for Maro Litra (a Canadian born Greek famous singer) to perform it arrived but the producer of the singer also refused it for unknown reasons! (Probably the singer did not listen to it at all!!!)

Finally, Soraya Arnelas from Spain accepted to sing it as an entry for the Spanish National Final for the Eurovision 2009. Spanish people loved it and made it win the Spanish National Final so "La noche es para mi" (Spanish final title of the song!) will be the entry of Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest.

It's worth to mention that the song is also one of the bookmarks' favorite for this year's Eurovision Song Contest!

You can download the song in Greek probably performed by Helena Paparizou (no matter the link says "Sofia Berntson"..the voice of the singer is probably Paparizou's voice...) :


You can also enjoy the final, Spanish version below :


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  1. Anonymous March 10, 2009 at 7:50 AM
    This post is quite interesting as currently Soraya's song is under investigation. Allegedly, this song has been performed in other languages prior to October 2008.
    If that is the case it would have to be ruled out by the organisation.
    Hopefully this is only a rumor and Soraya would be able to permorm in Moscow.

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