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Magical Eurovision Song Contest for 2009...

By Krikor K.

After Dima Bilan's victory at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, every single person was sure that Russia is going to organize a perfect Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow!

Apart from big singers like Sakis Rouvas, Arash, Patricia Kaas e.t.c. who are taking part in this year's concert, Russian broadcaster has two more surprised :

a) A magnificent stage which is going to host the 43 participating songs
b) a very beautiful female host : Milla Jovovich!

The stage was designed by American designer John Casey. This is not the first time Casey is being involved with the Europ
ean contest! Back in 1997 he also designed the stage and he shared some ideas with other designers on the stages of 1994 and 1995! Something new is that many video walls are used around the scene for this year.

As far as the female host, Milla Jovovich,
is one of the most famous supermodels, actresses, musicians and fashion designers worldwide. She was born as Milica Nataša Jovović on December 17 1975 in Kiev, Ukraine. Milla has Russian - Serbian and Montenegrin origins. At her 5 years, Milla moved with her family to London and then to the USA. Her professional career as a model started when she was just 11 years old! She has also appeared in famous television series like "Married with children". After being a very famous and successful model, Jovovich led to new contracts and covers of "Vogue" and "Cosmopolitan". Since then, she has graced over one hundred magazine covers including Seventeen, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar and In Style. Her modelling career has included various campaigns for Banana Republic, Christian Dior, Damiani, Donna Karan, Gap, Versace, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Coach, Giorgio Armani, H&M and L'Oreal Paris. Milla has also released one and only official album named "The Divine Comedy" in 1994.

Still the name of Milla Jovovic
h is not sure as the final female host. So stay tuned at "Krik! Music Corner" to be the first to know the final desicion...

The stage of the Eurovision Song Contest '09 in Moscow, Russia


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