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By Krikor K.

It's Friday 24/4/2009 and it's time for our second proposal...

This week the proposal is about a brand new song by the American singer Katy Perry...
The girl who became famous after her No1 hits "I kissed a girl" and "Hot 'n' Cold" is now ready to drive you crazy with her new singe "Waking up in Vegas!"

The song is included in her album "One of the boys" and is its fifth single after the singles "Ur so gay", "I kissed a girl", "Hot 'n' Cold" and "Thinking of you"...

It has been released as a single just 3 days ago "April 21 2009" but it will be released on May in the UK.
The writers of the song are Katy Perry, Desmond Child and Andreas Carlsson while the producing belongs to Greg Wells and Katy Perry!

The singer also made a small trailer on the song like in the movies!!!
You can watch it below... :


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