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"Guilty pleasure" by Ashley Tisdale...

By Krikor K.

We met her due to her role at the "High School Musical" movie and we loved her a lot. We're talking about Ashley Tisdale who is now planning to release her second music album after the success of the debut one back on 2007, called "Headstrong".

Her new album is planned to be released on June 16th 2009 via Warner Bros. Records and it is titled as "Guilty pleasure"... The lead single from the album is the song "It's alright, it's ok"...

You can check a list from the confirmed tracks so far...

. It's alright, it's ok
. Hot mess
. How do you love someone?

. Masquerade

. What if?
. Acting out
. Me without you

. Overrated

... and here's a tiny "Guilty pleasure" promo video which you can watch...


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