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Jackson wants Leona on stage with him...

By Krikor K.

That's true!

King of pop, Michael J
ackson, is a huge fan of British super star Leona Lewis and, as he says, he is fan of everything she has achieved so far. That's a reason why he wants her to sing with him on stage during his concerts in London.

The "Thriller" singer's first idea was princess of pop Britney Spears, but finally didn't went to plan as the "Toxic"
singer is busy with her own tour. So, on the top of the list of Michael Jackson now is Leona Lewis!

Though the singer has not approach Lewis yet, he wants to believe that the final answer of hers will be positive!

As Michael says : "She's massive all around the world and I feel this duet would give both our careers an even bigger boost..."

Worth to mention that Leona Lewis is now ready to work with Timbaland on her new album but also she's ready to hit the studios with Jay-Z and Will.i.am ...


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