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"Secret Combination" & "Always and forever" are leaked!

By Krikor K.

As it's already known, Kalomoira, Chrispa and Kostas Martakis are the 3 final candidates for the Greek entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. ERT (Greek national broadcaster) annaounced 6/2/2008 as the final date when the songs of these 3 artists will be known to the people. Though two of the 3 songs have already leaked in the internet. People mostly prefer Kalomoira's song which reminds us of songs by Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado and Timbaland! Its title is "Secret combination". On the other side, Kostas Martakis' song is entitled "Always and forever" and it's a pop/mid tempo song which reminds of previous Scandinavian enties of the Eurovision Song Contest! The only "secrets" we know about Chrispa's entry "A chance to love" is that it's gonna be in ethnic music and part of the lyrics will be in Greek! More on 6/2...

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