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Meet Kalomoira!

By Krikor K.

Kalomoira was born in USA, on 31/1/1985 to greek parents. Her full name is Maria Kalomoira Sarantis. She became very famous in both Greece and Cyprus after her victory in the 2nd round of the talent show FAME STORY (same as Star Academy). There she performed many songs like "Stand by me", "Oops! I Did it again", "Woman in love", "Dancing Queen", "La isla bonita" and many greeks songs as well. The day of the big final Kalomoira performed the song "Express Yourself" by Madonna giving a great performance showing for once more her talent on music and dance! Kalomoira has released already 3 albums :
. Kalomoira (2004)
. Pezis? (2005)
. I Kalomoira paei cinema (2006)
and had also a minor role in the soap opera "I Lampsi" by the veteran director Nikos Foskolos. During 2006 she was the co-host of the Sunday night show "Pio poli tin Kiriaki" along side with Grigoris Arnaoutoglou on MEGA channel. Nowadays, she's candidate for the Eurovision 2008 in Greece with the song "Secret Combination" (music by Konstantinos Pantzis / lyrics by Posidonas Gianopoulos")

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