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Eurovision 2008 : 1st Semi Final done!

By Krikor K.

On Tuesday 20 of May 2008, inside "Belgrade Arena" of Belgrade (Serbia) took part the very first Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. Presenters were Jovana Janković and Željko Joksimović. 19 countries competed on the Semi Final. Montenegro appeared first on stage and the last song was the Greek one!
The show generally had sound and light problems as many fans and many of the singers told after the contest, but above all they all enjoyed it because it was something that people expect one year now...
People seemed to be enjoyed more with the Greek entry. By the moment Kalomoira, the greek singer, was on stage, the people didn't quit shouting her name. Also during the solo dancing of her, people was acting like crazy for her.
Dima Bilan was one of the bookmarkers' top and everyone expected a lot to see from him and the Russian delegation. Though, many people stayed really unsurprised admiting that it wasn't the thing they were expecting to see from Russia.
Poland and Norway, with their balladas, managed to make the big suprise. Also Bosnia - Herzegovina had many fans.
Sirusho from Armenia made a really cool stage performance leaving the people inside the stadium exited!
Let's see which of the 19 countries made it to the final...

The 10 qualifying countries are (in random order):

1. Romania (No 1 to perform on Final)
2. Armenia (No 5 to perform on Final)
3. Bosnia - Herzegovina (No 6 to perform on Final)
4. Israel (No 7 to perform on Final)
5. Finland (No 8 to perform on Final)
6. Poland (No 10 to perform on Final)
7. Azerbaijan (No 20 to perform on Final)
8. Greece (No 21 to perform on Final)
9. Russia (No 24 to perform on Final)
10. Norway (No 25 to perform on Final)

As a tiny surprise, Slovenia, Ireland and Andorra didn't make it finally to the Final of the contest.
Rumors say that Greece won the 1st Semi Final of Eurovision 2008 but yet we don't know a thing for sure. The total results will be announced after the Final of the contest.

Stay tuned at "Krik! Music Corner" to read the final news of the 2nd Semi Final and to see which 10 countries passed to the Grand Final of Saturday...

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