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Eurovision 2008 : 2nd Semi Final done!

By Krikor K.
The second Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 just finished. Much stronger, much better than the first one, the 2nd Semi Final was one of the best Semis ever in the history of the contest. The first song to perform was Iceland, a really dynamic entry. The final song (19th) was the one from Portugal, a real fado song.
10 countries passed to the final. Just like in the first semi final. These 10 countries are (in random order) :

1. Ukraine (No 18 to perform on Final)
2. Iceland
(No 11 to perform on Final)
3. Turkey
(No 12 to perform on Final)
4. Sweden
(No 15 to perform on Final)
5. Portugal
(No 13 to perform on Final)
6. Croatia
(No 9 to perform on final)
7. Denmark
(No 16 to perform on Final)
8. Latvia
(No 14 to perform on Final)
9. Georgia
(No 17 to perform on Final)
10. Albania (No 3 to perform on Final)

People seemed more exited for Ukraine. The truth is that Ani Lorak's stage performance was very good and so complete. The stage was so ful. On the other hand, Sweden, Ukraine's best adversary, was so empty on stage. Charlotte was very good both as a vocalist and a performer but during Melodifestivalen she had more energy and she was better.
Turkey passed (oh! What a surprise!). But a real surprise was the entrance of Croatia to the final. Denmark and Georgia had nice songs but really uninteresting. At least, not for the final. Iceland was very good on stage and the song was good too. Portugal finally entered the final and the good luck is that the entrance of it is with such a nice entry. FYR Macedonia, which always make it to the final, this year didn't pass. The song was good, at least not very different from the other FYR Macedonic entries. Though, the stage performace was really bad. Poor Bulgaria didn't make it to the final. Also poor for Czech Republic.

The countries of the Final contest

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