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Russia : Winner of ESC 2008

By Krikor K.

Eurovision Song Contest 2008 just finished and Russia crowned as the big winner. Dima Bilan's ballad entitled "Believe" managed to collect 272 points from the televoting of 43 countries.
Dima Bilan was the bookmarkers' favorite and his victory was kind of expectable.

Russians are celebrating their victory

The second place earned Ukraine and the unique Ani Lorak with the best 2008 song "Shady Lady". Ani Lorak's stage performance was really unique and really wonderful making everyone believe that she's the winner.

Ani Lorak from Ukraine

In the 3rd place we meet Greece and Kalomoira's "Secret Combination". The 23 year old girl from Greece, gave her best during the stage performance of her song reaching the 3rd place, although the Greeks were expecting the 1st place!!

Kalomira from Greece made a wonderful show!

Sirusho from Armenia won the 4th place of the final scoreboard making Armenia really proud. The "Qele-Qele" singer, to be honest, was as good as in the Semi Final though she kept the title of one of the "most favourite" 2008 entries in the contest. Congratulations Armenia!

Maybe Eurovision 2008's hottest girl : Sirusho from Armenia!

The top 5 closed with the Norwegian entry. The absolutelly sweet Maria Haukaas and the song "Hold on, be strong" managed to reach the very proud 5th place. Maria was really cool on stage performing a great pop/ballad.

Sweet Maria Haukaas brought Norway to the 5th place!

The host Serbia ended 6th and Jelena Tomasevic was simply fantastic during her performance on "Oro". Wonderful dress, good looking hair and make up, very nice song and a very nice voice could be the winner but they finally managed to give to the country the 6th place!

Watch the full scoreboard of the 2008 contest.-

1) Russia / Believe - Dima Bilan (272 points)

2) Ukraine / Shady Lady - Ani Lorak (230 points)

3) Greece / Secret Combination - Kalomira (218 points)
4) Armenia / Qele-Qele - Sirusho (199 points)

5) Norway / Hold on, be strong - Maria Haukaas (182 points)
6) Serbia / Oro - Jelena Tomasevic (160 points)

7) Turkey / Deli - Mor ve Ötesi (138 points)

8) Azerbaijan / Day after day - Elnur & Samir (132 points)

9) Israel / The fire in your eyes - Boaz Mauda (129 points)
10) Bosnia&Herzegovina / Pokušaj - Laka (110 points)

11) Georgia / Peace will come - Diana Gurtskaya (083 points)

12) Latvia / Wolves of the Sea - Pirates of the Sea (083 points)

13) Portugal / Senhora do mar - Vania Fernandez (069 points)

14) Iceland / This is my life - Euroband (064 points)

15) Denmark / All night long - Simon Mathew (060 points)

16) Spain / Baila el chiki chiki - Rodolfo Chicilicuatre (055 points)

17) Albania / Zemrën E Lamë Peng - Olta Boka (055 points)

18) Sweden / Hero - Charlotte Perrelli (047 points)

19) France / Divine - Sebastien Tellier (047 points)
20) Romania / Pre-o margine de Lume - Nico & Vlad (045 points)

21) Croatia / Romanca - Kraljevi Ulice & 75 cents (044 points)

22) Finland / Missä miehet ratsastaa - Teräsbetoni (035 points)

23) Germany / Dissapear - No Angels (014 points)

24) Poland / For life - Isis Gee (014 points)

25) United Kingdom / Even if - Andy Abraham (014 points)

Charlotte Perrelli had no the same luck with 1999...

Randez-vous next year in Russia! See you there.....

Watch via youtube Dima Bilan's performance on the Eurovision 2008 winning song "Believe" from the Semi Final night...

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