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10 years together....It's destiny!!

By Krikor K.

The album which marked Despina Vandi's career is now re-releasing under the title "10 chronia mazi - It's destiny) (=10 years together - It's destiny). We remind you that the album's title "10 years together" was refearing to the 10 years of coworking between Despina and her songwriter Phoebus. Now the featuring title "It's destiny" is due to the brand new track of Despina Vandi by the famous German dj Schiller. Phoebus and dj Schiller wrote an english song for Despina which is concluding in the new album of Schiller "Sehnsucht" and it's a huge hit in Europe. Now the song is also concluding in Despina's album "10 Chronia mazi" in a form of "maxi singe". The new releasion will contain 15 song of Despina, 1 remix of the song "Ta lefta" by Despina and of course the english song "It's destiny".

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